The Great Fall is full of challenges to overcome, the most numerous and problematic are the trap blocks.


The Death Trap

This trap loves to devour unwary adventurers. With its razor sharp teeth and powerful bite, no adventurers have ever survived once the Death Trap has clamped down on them. 


The Bump Trap

The Bump Trap loves to bump adventurers into The Great Fall. This trap is super heavy, weighing over 9000 tonnes. Once it starts moving nothing can stop it.


The Wheel Trap

The fastest of the traps, the Wheel Trap can chase down adventurers and spike them to bits with it's keen blades. Avoid them at all costs.

The few adventurers that have survived encounters with the Wheel Trap tell tales of jumping over them to escape.

The Step Trap

Adventurers beware, the next step you take may be your last.

The Step Trap is very well camouflaged. Blending in with the surrounding blocks, and awakening once an adventurer draws near. Step Traps have defeated the largest number of travellers. 


The Drop Trap

The only thing worse than bird poo landing on your head is a Drop Trap landing on your head. 

Harnessing the magical powers of gravity the Drop Trap crushes careless adventurers into mush. Keep one eye to the sky as you never know if a Drop Trap may be around.