Jump Legends is a challenging endless reverse runner with beautiful art and simplistic controls.


Jump Legends Story


Amongst the denizens of the Fabled Realm reside the ever curious Adventurers. The Adventurers are a mixed group of individuals renowned for their desire to explore the unknown and collect mysterious treasures. Characterised by their high endurance and athletic skill, Adventurers are able to overcome many obstacles to satisfy their thirst for adventure and loot.

Jump Legends puts you in control of the most legendary of Adventurers. Assist them in their thrilling quest, as they explore an ancient forgotten land known as the Great Fall.

What are you waiting for? Jump to it!




Presented below are legendary Adventurers. The best of the best. These characters have been on countless expeditions to very dangerous, exotic places, and have returned in one piece. The discoveries and treasures that they have acquired have bolstered their reputations to unfathomable heights.


Brave Bertha & Bobert the Bold

Bertha and her twin brother Bobert were considered unruly during their younger years. The two would always run around and get lost. They were both hyper energetic and enjoyed collecting junk to recycle.

Fast forward a few decades and nothing has changed. Due to their infinite energy the twins have covered more ground than any other adventurer. Their discovery of the Treacherous Tablelands earned them their adventuring nicknames.


Captain Derk & First Mate Abria

The seas of the Fabled Realm are vast as they are mysterious. Captain Derk and First Mate Abria are pioneers of these waters. Having both been born on a dark and stormy night, with restless seas, howling winds, and terrifying thunder, these two adventurers thrive in the water.

Their drive for adventure and hunger for booty knows no bounds, Captain Derk and First Mate Abria aren’t afraid to get their feet dry in the Great Fall.


Noisy Shadow & Blunt Blade

Hailing from the mist covered and ever shaded corner of Fabled Realm are these two mysterious figures. Not much is known about them, the stories and rumours that follow their paths paint pictures of amazing quests, grand feats of escape, and the defeat of dangerous monsters.

Known only by their nicknames; Noisy Shadow and Blunt Blade, these two warriors have arrived at the Great Fall, where, no doubt, more tales of their accomplishments will surely surface.


Zombro & Zombrinita

ADVENTURER BEWARE! These two zombies have been sighted numerous times, chasing and devouring adventurers. Their agility and speed allow them to escape any who attempt to eradicate them.

Nicknamed Zombro and Zombrinita, they have been added to the list of Legendary Adventurers, as their feats of travel have surpassed that of many explorers.


Skelly was a normal human being once upon a time. An unfortunate incident involving high voltage electricity has turned Skelly into what he is now; an animated skeleton with boundless energy.

Skelly is known for travelling through the most trying of environments. His lack of… well… body parts means that Skelly is able to withstand conditions far harsher than what a normal adventurers body could.

Commando & Commandette

Commando and Commandette are the toughest, hardest, and smartest graduates from the Academy of Soldiers. Both achieved the highest marks during their years as students, excelling in endurance and physical based exercises.

These two soldiers can run for days without stopping to eat or drink. They are equipped with the most high tech gear which helps them overcome impossible obstacles.

Lady Lancy & Sir Bromwick

The Knights of the Red Circle believe in strength above all else. Their intense training regime and belief in physical prowess is evident in Lady Lancy and Sir Bromwick, two of the most well-known of the order.

These two have the ability to run for days, with their heavy armour on, without even breaking a sweat. They each run 20 kilometres every morning before breakfast and another 20 before they go to sleep.

Anub & Orus

Anub and Orus have resided on the Fabled Realm for eons. Ancient in years, these two have travelled to all known areas of the Realm, and some. They pave the way for newer adventurers and are looked upon as masters of exploration.

The Fabled Realm is a land ever changing, a land so large that even these two have not touched every corner.



The Great Fall is full of challenges to overcome, the most numerous and problematic are the trap blocks.


The Death Trap

This trap loves to devour unwary adventurers. With its razor sharp teeth and powerful bite, no adventurers have ever survived once the Death Trap has clamped down on them. 


The Bump Trap

The Bump Trap loves to bump adventurers into The Great Fall. This trap is super heavy, weighing over 9000 tonnes. Once it starts moving nothing can stop it.


The Wheel Trap

The fastest of the traps, the Wheel Trap can chase down adventurers and spike them to bits with it's keen blades. Avoid them at all costs.

The few adventurers that have survived encounters with the Wheel Trap tell tales of jumping over them to escape.

The Step Trap

Adventurers beware, the next step you take may be your last.

The Step Trap is very well camouflaged. Blending in with the surrounding blocks, and awakening once an adventurer draws near. Step Traps have defeated the largest number of travellers. 


The Drop Trap

The only thing worse than bird poo landing on your head is a Drop Trap landing on your head. 

Harnessing the magical powers of gravity the Drop Trap crushes careless adventurers into mush. Keep one eye to the sky as you never know if a Drop Trap may be around.

Warp Gates

Warp gates are a recent discovery within the Great Fall.


Investigations conducted on these portals have resulted in research personnel obtaining increased movement speed. Quotes from these human guinea pigs have described sensations of slowed time and distorted gravity. The effects appear to be permanent, some staff members have run off since the gates discovery, some say they are still running to this day.

It is unknown how many warp gates are scattered throughout the Great Fall, nor the types of magic required to assemble such a device.

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