Jump Legends Press Kit


Jump Legends is a challenging, tap to win, game that aims to redefine the endless runner genre. With beautiful transitional scenes and scenery, fully animated unique characters, and near impossible obstacles to overcome, Jump Legends will have you entertained for ages.


Available on the App Store (requires iOS8)



For all enquiries please contact:

Eric Hein, Founder Fabled Realm




  • Simple tap controls (quick tap to short jump, long tap to jump higher).
  • 15 fully animated characters.
  • Game Centre leaderboard.
  • Three different themed scenes (levels) utilising simple minimalist styling.
  • Challenging courses with random scene selection.
  • Increasing game speed will challenge even the most expert jumpers.
  • Reverse styled runner allows you to view your adventurers best side.

Quick Facts

  • Jump Legends was built with Buildbox. A drag and drop game development software.
  • Jump Legends was conceived in August 2015.
  • Eric completed Jump Legends solo, whilst still working full time as a geologist.
  • Art work and scene design took 4 months to complete.
  • Polishing and beta testing took another 5 months to complete.
  • All designs and artwork were created using Inkscape. 
  • The animations were created with Animationbox (Buildbox Master Suite) and Spine.
  • Sound was provided by Soundbox (Buildbox Master Suite).
  • Jump Legends is the fifth mobile application, and third game completed by Eric.


Amongst the denizens of the Fabled Realm reside the ever curious Adventurers. The Adventurers are a mixed group of individuals renowned for their desire to explore the unknown and collect mysterious treasures. Characterised by their high endurance and athletic skill, Adventurers are able to overcome many obstacles to satisfy their thirst for adventure and loot.

Jump Legends puts you in control of the most legendary of Adventurers. Assist them in their thrilling quest, as they explore an ancient forgotten land known as the Great Fall.

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Jump Legends is owned by Fabled Realm. Copyright 2016.